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My Story

My life seems to be divided between Ireland and New Zealand. I have spent equal amounts of time in both countries, and draw on experiences of life on both sides of the globe to inspire my ceremonies. I have recently returned to New Zealand after four years in Ireland, and am re-launching myself as a Humanist Celebrant here in Auckland. 

With 4 years of additional experience of Celebranting! I have grown both as a Human being and as a Celebrant. I had the privilege of being a Funeral Celebrant as well as a Marriage Celebrant in Ireland, and I sincerely look forward to bringing my experience, fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the role of Celebrant in NZ. 

These days I connect with history, of people and places. I am fascinated by the stories and legends that surround us everywhere.  I also love the connections of places with nature, and the contrasts. I have grown to love modern Irish poetry and the poets of New Zealand. I draw inspiration from all of this for ceremonial writing.


As well,  I can now offer Registry Style weddings, a simpler ceremony suited to smaller weddings for couples living in Central Auckland.   

My professional career was primarily as Nurse Specialist in Cardiology, helping restore people to full lives following heart illness or surgery. This was very holistic work ,helping people physically, mentally and emotionally. My experience in public speaking came as a result of this role.  I conducted weekly group education sessions, and spoke at conferences and lectures for other Health Professionals. I've also been a Midwife, a coach, and a mentor.

I sincerely believe that my life's experiences has prepared me well for this role. I've worked with people from all  over the world, from many cultures. I love working with people. I'm well organised. And if things don't quite go according to plan, you won't find me panicking, I'll just deal with whatever happens without a hair out of place. No one will notice!

For fun, I love the great outdoors and am happiest when I am interacting with nature. And although I'm probably more comfortable and relaxed in jeans, I love dressing up and looking good for a special occasion! 

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