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No-one wants to think about the grief and sadness of losing a family member or friend but inevitably, and sometimes unexpectedly, it is something we all have to face sometime in our lives.

Funerals can be a celebration of a life lived and an opportunity for people to gather together and comfort one another.  The type of funeral service or style chosen can reflect the wishes of the deceased as well as reflecting the needs of the family left behind.

If you are planning a funeral, think about the person who has died and what aspects of their life and achievements you wish to celebrate. Think also about yourself and your family and make the funeral a time to draw comfort and strength, as well as time to remember.


A personal ceremony designed with the assistance of an empathetic Celebrant can provide comfort to those who are bereaved by giving them a safe space to acknowledge their grief and loss and develop a fitting tribute to the one who has passed away.  A well thought out funeral can be an important step in the grieving process.

My main focus as a Celebrant is to provide the best possible service to the family by writing and designing a thoughtful and respectful funeral ceremony.  I can meet with you and create a ceremony that meets your needs and that involves family and friends in appropriate roles as you wish.

What to Expect

If you decide that I am the right Celebrant for the occasion, I meet with you and the family promptly to learn as much as I can about the person in the time available.  I like to meet or speak to as many people as possible from different aspects of the person’s life to help develop a complete picture of the person.  I also like to know who would like to speak at the funeral and who would be prepared to share a story or a memory so that they could be included in the ceremony.  The ceremony will be read to you so that phrasing ‘sounds right’ and that pronunciation of names, places, events, will be correct.


  • Funeral Services NZ$300 or Euro €175.

  • There may be additional travelling expenses depending on the location of the funeral.


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