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A wedding ceremony is that special moment when you announce to the world that you have found the one you love.  Together, in front of the people who love and care for you, you vow to be together forever.


I perform marriage ceremonies for all couples declaring their desire to be married.  I will deliver your specially crafted ceremony with warmth and ease so that the wedding experience you dream of becomes a stress free reality.  Together we can capture the love the two of you share.


Let me help bring out your creativity and together we’ll develop that special, memorable ceremony.  

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What Next?

  • Contact me for an initial no obligation meeting  (approx. 20 minutes).  We can meet at my place or yours !  

  • If you decide I am the celebrant for you, a deposit is paid and the date for the ceremony is secured.

  • You have the choice of a registry style ceremony, with a simple script, ring exchange, and vows. 

  • Or if you prefer, we can schedule a second meeting to go over ideas and details such as format, readings, symbolism and music to create a more personal ceremony . I then spend time, weaving my magic and produce a first draft.

  • I send the draft for you to review and give feedback.  I work with you until it is perfect for you both.

  • You will need to apply for the marriage license about three months before your wedding.

  • I am able to perform the legal part of the wedding ceremony

  • Within a week of your wedding we can have a rehearsal at the venue with the wedding party. 


  • Cost ranges from NZ $300 - 500, depending on time spent on writing and travel time to the wedding venue.  Final payment is due three days before the wedding via internet banking.  If a microphone is needed this is an added cost.

  • A rehearsal is an extra cost also.

  • A non- refundable deposit of NZ $150 to confirm a booking. I only do one personal wedding per day.

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